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FishHawk Ridge offers a low-maintenance lifestyle in a gated neighborhood.  Featuring 2 bedrooms and a den with 2-1/2 baths, these beautiful townhomes offer the best of everything within a master planned community.  FishHawk Ridge enjoys its own pool and cabana, and since it is a part of the FishHawk Ranch CDD, owners may also utilize the CDD facilities, which include numerous pools, playgrounds, tennis courts and soccer fields. 

Owners of FishHawk Ridge townhomes visiting this site can find all of the essential homeowner's association documents on the Documents page. Documents relating to assessments can be found on the Assessments page. Members of the Board of Directors and links to Board and Annual Meeting minutes are on the Board page. The General Community Information page focuses on common concerns, like trash pickup, water and mail. Contact information about your professional management company is on the Management page. To find shopping, government offices, schools or local sport franchises, visit the Local Info page.

Did you know?

  • There are eleven (11) dumpsters located throughout the community, 1 of which contain recycling bins.
  • The dumpsters are emptied twice each week on Mondays and Thursdays, but this schedule is subject to change. To report trash that has not been picked up, please contact the Community Association Manager at 600-1100 ext 136.
  • All owners/tenants are to place their household trash only INSIDE the dumpster. Always close the dumpster bin lid and the gates surrounding the dumpster.
  • There is no on-site maintenance staff to pick up after residents.
  • If a dumpster is full, go to one that has room for your trash. Please be aware that leaving trash, boxes, furniture, toys, grills, etc outside the dumpster bin is considered illegal dumping in Hillsborough County and is reported to and investigated by the Sheriff’s Department.
  • If you witness illegal dumping, please call 813-545-1624 at once. Attempt to get a license tag or address of the offending person and give this information to the Sherriff’s Department. You can request the Sheriff dispatcher to notify Officer David Stossel, Hillsborough Co Environmental Crimes Division.

The Board has been aggressively pursuing illegal dumping. Anything that does not belong with regular house hold trash should be disposed of properly. Call Waste Management for proper disposal procedures of your electronics, furniture and other bulk items. Remember that you should NEVER leave trash outside of trash bins. You will be violating Hillsborough County ordinance. Violation of this ordinance is A LOT MORE SEVERE than walking to next garbage bin. Local sheriffs and detectives assist HOA with tracking violators and punishing them to full extent of the law. Also we have to hire someone to clean up trash that is outside of trash bins. Waste Management is not responsible for anything not inside bins. If you see someone dumping their trash then say something. Your fees stay high because there are people in this community that do not respect their neighbors and local and state laws.

While we are on topic of trash STOP leaving your full garbage bags by your front door. You are violating HOA guidelines for this community and enticing local wildlife to tear into your trash.

Lastly please follow pool hour guidelines. Pool hours are posted at the pool’s gates and information board. It is strongly advised that you refrain from violating noise ordinance at the pool.

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